I just searched for the same phrase using firefox (which includes an amazon search plugin) on amazon mp3 search and i do see the picture you mentioned. Same happened on chrome and internet explorer. But clearly for you google, microsoft and mozilla are not in the "Shame on you Ubuntu! You disrespect greedy OS!" category. Look, amazon is no pr0n site either, but clearly the picture is a music cd cover and the guy actually promoting nudity here is the one you were looking for in the lens. Personally, i don't like the idea of an operating system as a constantly connected internet portal. But these days everone is obsessed with social networking and internet, and operating systems are just catering to their needs. Whats the guarantee that the same thing won't happen in iOS or Android OSes.

Your concerns are all entirely valid but i don't think sensationalizing and name calling are ways to go. Besides as far as i know isn't the whole shopping lens thing currently only available in 12.10 Beta? So either you are running a beta 1 OS on your home PC (which is weird) or you have deliberately installed the lens in 12.04 (hmmm!).

Seeing how many people have objections with this feature, i have a feeling it'll either get removed or disabled in the final release. Though you must file a bug as you mentioned in your blog post.

And if all elese fails, <sarcasm> you can always ask for your money back.</sarcasm>