Hey there guys, I am about to start my post grad to become a teacher and have been using ubuntu for the last three years to much success. I am currently filling in my career development loan forms and I wanted to include getting a new pc as an expense. This computer is to be used for:

1. Producing music
2. Gaming
3. General use

My budget is £2,000 and I know that things aren't cheap over here in the UK. My questions/need for help is:

1. What is the divide between the best of audio production software between Ubuntu and Windows? (I haven't had a go with it so far simply because my computer just is that old and not built for such tasks. My Uni also uses Apple exclusively and that is my only experience, I just happen to loath Apple and the best I am willing to compromise is Windows, which I would have to for the sake of modern gaming any ways.....)

2. Is it best to get an external sound card or internal?

3. I am confident with building the computer because I used to help my dad with such things growing up (it has been a reeeeally long time though). Can anyone help me out with some specs and save me trawling through reading tons of articles on what is going in/out/value for money etc? Compatibility issues with Ubuntu are something that worry me, especially considering the high demands I want to put on the machine.

Any help, advice, information etc. would be extremely useful.