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i have been trying to get my conky to show GPU temps for my 9800GX2

NVIDIA GeForce 9800GX2
GPU $alignr ${nvidia gpufreq} Mhz
Memory $alignr ${nvidia memfreq} Mhz
Temperature $alignr ${nvidia temp} C

seems to work fine for GPU0 "or the first gpu"

but i cant seem to figure out how to get the other GPU readings
im mostly interested in temperature

it would also be nice if i could get a GPU usage graph for both GPUs

kinda like this? ${cpugraph cpu0 40,120 33aacc 0099cc}
but for GPU usage

any help is appreciated
If you have more than one gpu you need to use nvida-settings or nvidia-smi to get the data for the second gpu.
The ${nvidia} variable does not support specifying which gpu to get the data from.

Unless you have one of these gpus (the really expensive ones) you can't get usage data in Linux.
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