I am thinking about getting a Dell Vostro 470 with a 3rd generation Intel processor. This is shipped with Windows 7 (64-bit) pre-installed and I believe there is a recovery CD too.

What are the implications of Windows being pre-installed for dual booting with Ubuntu?

- can gparted on the Ubuntu Live CD be used for shrinking the Windows partition(s) to make room on disk for Ubuntu? Or would I have to use some partition editor that comes with Windows?

- I hardly ever use Windows but still want to keep it and give it a very small portion (10GB say) of the disk and let Ubuntu 12.04 have the rest. Is that possible?

- I assume the install image/recovery disk is bound to the hardware and would not work on another PC or same PC if the hardware is changed. Is that so?

- Anything else that is frustrating, irritating or awkward with having a pre-installed Windows?

- Can I request a normal install CD when buying a Dell?