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Thread: "More suggestions", (unity-lens-shopping) should have a settings 'opt out'

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    "More suggestions", (unity-lens-shopping) should have a settings 'opt out'

    Showed up today in proposed, maybe related to unity-webapps
    While can be stopped if desired there doesn't seem to be a gui settings to do so if one finds it bothersome (I do
    couple of random screens

    Also to note - the upgrade has 'suggestions' showing in the video lens, after removing & the re-installing the lens the video lens no longer shows 'sugg'
    Amazon results are Only shown in home lens & video lens with the remote scope installed

    edit: MS blog on
    J.Bacon -

    bugs on just user control, nothing more

    Regarding security, ect.
    While this thread doesn't ask about security/privacy concerns to put 1 that's been raised out front
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