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Thread: Identify partitions to Delete

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    Identify partitions to Delete

    Hi! I have long multibooted Windows 7 with several linuxes.
    I've removed all but the current and last recent linux-images.

    But i still have extra partitions with old linuxes I want to delete. (Ubuntu was complaining about insufficient disk space...)

    The problem is - Exactly how do i do this?

    here's my attempts so far:

    (grub lists)

    eg linux on sda 09 on sda14

    sudo fdisk -l not expicit
    sudo blkid was better but no joy

    sudo df-h also no

    sudo mount -l little use


    GParted lists 3 "lock" icons, one at ext4 (My extended partition)
    sda12 is / and sda13 is linux-swap.

    so I think My linux is on sda12

    But when I formatted (ok partitioned resized etc) for Linux i thought it required Four Partitions. root, home, Swap and another. So which are my other two needed partitions?
    (sda13 is the highest number, sda1 and sda2 are Windows)

    and can anyone tell me how to output or copy the grub menu so i can attach it to a request like this one? i cant figure it out from info grub and i can't even find menu.1st under boot->grub

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