hi, I installed lubuntu on a dell inspiron 7520 laptop. I have the following problems.
1. I installed ubuntu on the machine, I think it was using some kind of strange display driver that the screen blanked out abruptly. I installed 12.04 Lubuntu which boots to the desktop properly.

2. It says wireless is disabled by a hardware switch. The problem is that on windows I press the key combination fn button + f3 to disable/enable wireless. Since the keymap does not recognise this, I do not know how to enable the wireless in lubuntu.

3. audio is very weak. GMplayer crashed and aport said it is collecting information about the crash.

4. airtel data card is not detected in my laptop. when I plug one of these data cards in my other computers running ubuntu 12.04, it says new GSM connection found and I usually set up the Location and carrier and it's configured. I card is completely not detected in lubuntu.

5. same problem with bluetooth as Dell installed software button instead of hardware buttons to control wireless and bluetooth.

I'd be happy to post output of any commands. Please let me know what command I should run on the terminal