I have a nettop (Revo with ION) and if I enable vdpau in playback in mythbuntu, my monitor actually turns off. Any other non-vdpau playback profile works (some better than others), but the CPU goes crazy.

I upgraded from Maverick to Natty and I still have the same issue. I was reading different things about Maverick, so I thought I would give the upgrade a try.

I tried to install the nvidia ppa, but I think it's having issues. When I apt-get update, it gives a 404 error when it tries to hit that server. ppa:nvidia-vdpau/ppa

I also tried the x-swat, which seems to update, but I still don't get the updated nvidia drivers.

I have nvidia-current installed. However, it doesn't say what version it is in the "additional drivers" gui. In the Nvidia X Server Settings GUI, it references 304.43. I was hoping for 195 or 260 or one of the versions that people always talk about.

Can someone help me figure this out? Please let me know what I can provide to assist in this.

Thank you so much.