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Thread: R620 crash with 12.04

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    R620 crash with 12.04

    We just bought two R620.
    Unfortunately they crash (reboot) when installing the recent 12.04 Server 64bit
    (and after that the idrac-logfile says:"CPU 2 has an internal error (IERR)." )

    A 32bit-kernel boots, but freezes when transferring data over the net.

    I can reproduce the behaviour on both the machines we got.

    Can anyone give a hint? I cannot believe that both machines have a hardware-problem.


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    Re: R620 crash with 12.04

    Think we have the quite same problem. I have installed also Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on our new 9G Dell R420 server. Under load the CPUs asserts IERR error.

    I phoned with Dell, the dell technician told me, it is not a hardware error. I also think so, because the IERR errors happens on both server, always they get load.

    I read something, the driver could cause this. How to get an idea, what could be the cause?
    And by the way: How could I reset the IERR error, so my dell machine doesn't show me it all the time?

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    Re: R620 crash with 12.04

    Check this thread also, discusses model R720 with the exact same problem - and it presents a temporary work around.

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