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Why is this thread marked SOLVED? It's not solved at all - people want to use *Flash* which is not just used in YouTube. It's awesome that YouTube is using HTML5 - would that *everyone* were doing that (e.g., Hulu, etc.) But they just don't. At the risk of sounding snarky, I'm pretty sure GNOME and KDE people don't actually ever use the internet (though, to be fair, Epiphany has improved a *lot* - you can now use Google Drive. I never thought I'd see the day when it was that useful.) If the Epiphany developers could just address the gaping holes in this nice application it'd be great.

For me it is solved in the web version 3.4.1, with adobe flashplayer and installing nspluginwrapper and nspluginviewer. I can see flash videos with web without any problem.

It is certain, that it has been a long time for epiphany webkit to work with flashplayer, but now they have got.