i love both ubuntu and openSUSE, So i tried to install them in one machine. in first attempt
i first installed openSUSE 12.2 and then installed ubuntu 12.04 alongside it in another partition. after this, i lose openSUSE boot splash.
i thought it is because ubuntu 12.04 uses grub 1.99 and openSUSE 12.2 uses grub 2 so in second attempt i installed again both of them. this time i first installed ubuntu (because it uses grub 1.99) and then installed opensuse. every thing is ok about grub and boot splash for both distros BUT:
ubuntu is ok but when i want to boot openSUSE its splash is ok but when it comes to login screen, page graphic completely become corrupted. in this corrupted page i can see some colors that are similar to ubuntu theme (also if i restart my laptop from ubuntu to boot openSUSE, sometimes it shows last opened page in ubuntu but with corrupted graphic!!!). i think opensuse combine or admix some files from ubuntu partition that cause this problem. i also take a film with my phone about this problem that is followed.
please help me about this strange problem.