I've upgraded a laptop and a pc both from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 and wine from 1.2.3. to wine 1.5.12. Both ran WoW previously, but wouldn't upgrade. The laptop upgraded and works WoW perfectly - the PC is a disaster!! (I know different spec, but both use Nvidia graphics)

Anyway - I have clean installed Ubuntu 12.04 and WINE 1.5.12 - I copied WoW across and it ran - but barely. The sound lags and the screen takes ages to render graphics. If I change form -nothing happens for around 20seconds. The situation seems to get mildly better after a few minutes but is unusable. I tried a clean install of WoW - Same result.

My system: AMD Phenom Black II, 4GB ram, Nvidia GTS450 (Drivers: 295.40) I have added the OpenGL and Sound options into the WTF file.

When running Wow it reports 50fps, but also massive latency on top of the slow slow rendering. The laptop using the same router is perfect - so it isnt a network issue (?) but might be something network related as i also get disconnected from battle.net after abit

WINE is using pulseaudio - I don't know if this is the issue

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.