No one seems to be discussing ubuntu one music store much anywhere so I thought I would start a thread.

Ubuntu one music store offers no .ogg or .flac downloads, which is difficult to comprehend on one hand, but easy to understand when we know that it is just the 7digital music store integrated into ubuntu one/rhythmbox, and seven digital makes no such offerings. Well, hopefully in the future 7digital will get with the program.

Interestingly though, even though the store is just 7digital, I have no way of logging into ubuntu one music store with my 7digital account, which I began using when I was running lucid, for which banshee was broken for me and probably everyone else and at that time the only platform capable of accessing ubuntu one music store. So I have all these 7digital purchases which I still can't download in a free encoding format and which I can't download in ubuntu one music store or rhythmbox.