I have just purchased the non-streaming monthly service on Sept. 2, 2012. For 140GB+5GB free; and yesturday it stoped syncing my /home/justin/Music folder. I have been unable to get it syncing since even have tried reconnecting both my Internet connection and the File Sync connection to no avail. Now I think I may have a virus and a D.O.S. attack so I started up GUFW to block the attack and CLAMAV to scan for viruses. I hope this all goes well.

My question is: How do I force the ubuntuone client/daemon to sync my Music files?
And whether there is an interuption of service? Because the website says it is up but it is showing me in my gnome-system-monitor that there is no upload going on when I first got the service it was going at 100MB/s and now it is at 0MB/s what is wrong? It said when I reconnected that it was syncing 200 files but it has not appeared on the website. And it has been 4 hours since I reconnected.

Any help would be appreciated.