I'm thinking about buying a google nexus 7, but I am concerned with the 16gb hard limit on storage. Also, I really don't know much about Ubuntu one.

If I run ubuntu on my desktop, is there a way to automatically sync all my school notes, hw, etc between my nexus and my desktop? Or would I manually have to update the files? Like if I go to class and create a new note document, will it be visible on my pc when I get home? And when I get home and edit it on the pc, will I see the updates when I go back to class?

I assume that I would need to use the same file format on both the desktop and the tablet. Like .txt or something. Right?

Also, will ubuntu one be able to save me space on the tablet? I've read something saying I can stream music, and so as long as I'm connected to the internet I'm assuming I won't need to have any music located on my tablet, right? Will hd videos stream fast enough on an average consumer's bandwidth?

I guess I'm just in the dark about ubuntu one and how it could help me. Also, I know I'm asking this on the ubuntu forums, but would there be services other than ubuntu one that would be better for me in this scenario?