I recently installed Ubuntu Studio 12.04 64 bit on my laptop, installed all the updates, and started using it for basic stuff prior to using it for media production. Several issues have presented themselves, and I don't know what to do to proceed. Additional note: some of the problems mentioned below also happened when I tried to install regular Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.

Sometimes when starting up, the boot hangs on the Ubuntu loading screen, never gets to the login screen.

While using the computer, I have had several instances in which the computer completely freezes up. No keyboard or mouse input, including trying to switch to a TTY session (ctrl shift F1-6). I haven't tried it recently, but I think one time it locked up, I tried to connect to it via SSH, and it wouldn't respond.

I cannot put the computer to sleep. Or more accurately, I can put it to sleep, but upon trying to wake it up, the speakers pop and the system restarts.

When I try to restart the system, sometimes it will hang then, too. For instance, after I installed the updates, Ubuntu requested I restart the computer. I had to hard reboot it, because it got stuck.

I very much miss Ubuntu/Linux, and I suspect Lenovo is to blame for a lot of my problems in the past year or so, but until I can get things stable, I can't use it.