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Thread: Linux As A Firewall

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    Angry Linux As A Firewall

    I know, from experience, that Linux Servers are used in many commercial settings as a firewall for Windows computers. So coomes my question, I seldom use any Windows apps today but am setting up one for a friend in business and I need to know in placing it inside Vbox on an Ubuntu unit makes it safer?

    Thanks for any and all replies in advance.
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    Re: Linux As A Firewall

    Nope, not by itself.

    There are lots of guides to create
    * a secure network
    * a locked down Linux
    * a locked down MS-Windows
    * a router
    * a firewall
    * an IPS/IDS

    You can do these things inside virtual machines if you like, but some things like firewalls and routers are best inside dedicated hardware. Sure, you could build them inside a VM and it might be more secure than without them, but the ability to make a tiny mistake and not have any security exists.

    Every OS should run a firewall, even if there's a network-based firewall. Whenever possible a network firewall should be used too.

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    Re: Linux As A Firewall

    TheFu pretty much covered it.

    A VM is as safe or as vulnerable as a physical machine. Lock it down if you want to limit the risk.
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    There is one big advantage to running such an insecure system inside a virtual machine: snapshots. You can roll back to a known good snapshot and have a fresh start any time you want it. It could even be every time. That's a huge advantage over having it on a regular machine and having to wipe and reinstall (thus removing 3rd party apps, too) each time a clean slate is needed.


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