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Thread: Kubuntu 12.10 not booting

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    Exclamation Kubuntu 12.10 not booting

    I had Ubuntu 12.04. I used disc to install Kubuntu 12.10 [Downloaded from:]. However, update option was not available. So I decided to install Kubuntu 12.10 on Ubuntu 12.04 without formatting it, as I had movies stored in that partition. "Warning: You are trying to install without formatting. Make a backup of system folders like /var /usr before proceeding with installation. They will be replaced" - this is just a gist of the warning message. I went through with installation. Later, when installer was configuring, I received an error saying some of the packages could not be saved and that I may have to manually install them after restart. System restarted automatically after clicking ok.

    Grub got updated. However, when I choose the first option, it shows Kubuntu logo (loading screen). Then it just shows a black screen with invisible cursor (not terminal). I can type anything, press enter, etc. Text gets displayed on the screen. Yet nothing happens. I tried leaving it like that for long time, still Kubuntu did not start. Any solution?
    PS: Black screen appears immediately after the Kubuntu loading screen disappears.

    Fortunately, I had dual boot before trying Kubuntu 12.10 installation and Grub upgrade did not change existing options. Now I'm using Windows XP. Please help me with Kubuntu 12.10! Please remember that I don't have the option to format the drive.

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    Re: Kubuntu 12.10 not booting

    You installed yesterday's daily build right? I saw one of the 12.10 testers say he had a problem with yesterday's daily build doing this.

    It sounds like you did everything right and other than needing to re-install some apps most likely your data should be safe and all should be fine. I believe the quickest thing to solve this is to install a new build. You could go back to the last released build, beta or whatever if there is no build on a sunday. You could even go back to 12.04.
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