Dear peeps,

I've found threads that talk about the Unity side launcher not being relocatable. They are, however, closed.

In most cases, I like the launcher on the side just fine. I don't agree with the idea that one should "just live with it" on the side, but for me I do just that without complaint for the most part. However, I wanted to describe a particular case where the side-launcher in 12.04 just doesn't work for me. This is a plea for more customizability for function, not form.

I have an old Thinkpad X41 tablet pc. I use it exclusively for notes and scratch with its Wacom enabled screen. I can't use Windows and keep my sanity, so naturally I have Ubuntu on there, for a worry free GNU/Linux experience.

With the screen rotated to profile mode the way you would write on a normal piece of paper, the Unity launcher squeezes the available space down to a width that is unreasonably small (I have the launcher icons set to the smallest size, but the resolution on this screen isn't high). Starting in 12.04, if I have the launcher auto-hide, I can't get it to pop up with the pen, since it's an absolute position pointer, not relative. Hence even with the highest sensitivity, the launcher will not pop up unless I bail on tablet mode by opening it up, turning the screen around, and using the trackpoint.

If I could move the launcher to the bottom, this aggravating problem of mine would disappear. The other alternative is reverting the launcher un-hide ability so that a relative pointer can open it. The latter is not nearly as desirable as the former.

The low level of customization in unity should be addressed. I'm not saying it can be an overnight thing, but plans for improving this would make it easier for me to deal with the shortcomings for now. I may switch to xfce, but I do like Unity in general so I am reluctant.

Thanks for reading my thoughts,
- dBCooper