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Possible work-around (it worked for me)
I also have a Canon MP530 - after upgrading to 12.04 from 11.10 I noticed my print speed slowed down noticeably (almost 5 minutes for a 1 page b&w document)!

So I tried a few 'out of the box' tests to see if I could get back to reasonable print speeds with my Canon.

1 - Installed Fuduntu 2012-3 onto another partition; Hooray! that same 1 page doc now printed in less than 30 seconds under Fuduntu.

2 - went back to Ubuntu 12.04 partition and then deleted it. Then I loaded Ubuntu 11.10 onto that partition (after formatting it to ext4). Under Unity (sigh..) I printed the same 1 page doc - Great! it now prints in less than 30 seconds (very acceptable for the MP530).

3 - Final test (I like Cinnamon over Unity); installed Cinnamon onto the 11.10 system.
Next I ran the same 1 page doc print test - Yes! still under 30 seconds.

Like others I feel there are some real issues in CUPS for non HP printers under 12.04.
Not sure if you want to go back to 11.10 but it appears (at least to me) to work a lot faster than the 12.04 CUPS.... (Your mileage may vary).

Cheers, J
thanks, but that's a lot of "around"! I still have a Lucid install on one of my partitions, and though I had a lot of issues with this printer there as well -- I am never buying a Canon printer again -- the last time I booted it up it was working, so I do have that as an option. plus I like Unity!