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Thread: Music-points, show off your music and collect "social points"

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    Collect points by linking a streamed song or musicvideo and grade the previous poster's contribution.


    • Only 1 post in a row per user
    • Must work to play linked media inside the browser.
    • Language, genre of your song doesn't matter. Only restriction is the language of music.
    • Don't post the same song as someone else unless it's been a while since. Preferable pages of posts.
    • Don't assault nor taunt previous poster upon commenting. Respect each other.
    • Listen to at least half the song, preferably the whole. *You could do other things while listening for example*
    • Enjoy listening to music you normally would't.

    • +5 points if its the among the better you know of or heard in a long time!
    • +3 points if you think the song is highly dig-able.
    • +1 point if you find it decent, but nothing you would listen to any time soon again.
    • -1 point if it's really not your taste of music.
    • -3 point if you really don't understand why such music exist.

    I'll try to sum up the top-points on a weekly basis.

    And remember, this is just for fun.

    *** Reserved for weekly progress ***

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