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Thread: hdparm not functioning correctly

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    Question hdparm not functioning correctly

    have been trying to solve this problem for the past year or so. I have been though the forums and bug trackers, and any of the solutions that I have found do not seem to work. I think this is because my issue is a bit unique. I have a desktop with two RAID arrays, one mounted at root (/), and one that is mounted at /home. I have set hdparm to spindown the drives for the /home array after 10 min of idle time. After ten min of idle, hdparm will report the drives in standby, but the drives are still spinning.

    If I issue a sudo hdparm -y /dev/sd[c-g] via the terminal (when the drives are in Active/Idle), the drives will spindown. I have tried using the Debian Squeeze version of hdparm, the old ver. from 9.10, and tried playing with rules for udev, all to no avail. I am not sure what I am missing, or what else to look for at this point.

    This worked prior to upgrading to 10.04. Would upgrading to 12.04 help? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    Hardware and Config info:
    OS: Ubuntu 10.04.3 (64 bit), current updates.
    MB: Asus Rampage II Extreme (latest BIOS) (ICH10R SATA/PATA controller)
    HDD's: sd[a-b] Seagate ST3320920AS
    HDD's sd[c-g] Seagate ST3750630AS

    RAID config:
    / RAID 1 (MB softraid using dmraid)
    /home RAID 5 (using mdadm)

    BIOS config:
    drives sd[a-b] are configured as a RAID 1
    drives sd[c-f] are configured as standalone drives (non-RAID)
    drive sdg is connected to the "7th" SATA port configured as AHCI (not part of the softraid controller)

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    Re: hdparm not functioning correctly


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