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Thread: Sync only certain folders

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    Sync only certain folders

    I have just installed 12.04 on my notebook which I use mostly for work purposes. I also have 12.04 on the family computer along with a 25gb ubuntu one account.

    The ubuntu one account is mostly used for storing the family photos - currently 15gb and climbing - and other family related documents we wish to save.

    The thing is, I want to install ubuntu one on my notebook installation but as it only has an 80gb harddrive, of which 55gb is for my home partition, I don't really want to waste space by downloading all the photos and files we have on the main computer.

    Is there a way to tell ubuntu one when I install not to sync specific folders already on the server? I know you can select folders from you home directory for syncing but can you do it the other way round.

    I really cannot see the point in duplicating/triplicating the same folders and files across two machines and the ubuntu one server.



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    Re: Sync only certain folders

    yes. open ubuntu one control panel on your notebook, login and then tick the boxes you only want to sync locally to that computer.

    ive attached an image to show you what to tick.
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