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Thread: Uninstall help

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    Uninstall help

    Hi, I just installed Ubuntu using the Windows installer and I want to get rid of the boot options menu when I start up my computer.

    I was trying to install Ubuntu onto my flash drive so that I could run it from there on my fiance's computer. Her computer cannot start and we want to backup the important files. Last time I installed Ubuntu I was able to boot from USB drive so I was trying to do the same thing again. My plan was to then access her hard drive which I know still works.

    Unfortunately I did the wrong thing by using the installer and now my computer gives me the option between Windows 7 and Ubuntu. The flash drive has the Ubuntu install files on it so there isn't a partition I can delete. How do I change it back? Thank you very much.

    - Jeff

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    Re: Uninstall help

    If I have understood you correctly, you installed WUBI and put the WUBI virtual partition onto the USB.

    What happens if you boot into Windows and uninstall WUBI?
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