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Thread: New nvidia-graphics-drivers (304.22)

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    Re: New nvidia-graphics-drivers (304.22)

    Quote Originally Posted by effenberg0x0 View Post
    I think many people may be seeing compiz+unity-related crashes, unrelated to NVidia/Xorg/Flash etc.
    The nvidia xorg segmentation fault (i.e. abort) I have described here has nothing to do with compiz or unity. I mainly see it in gnome shell, my usual desktop, where neither of those are even running. I've had it happen in unity also though. If you search around you will find the same bug happens on many other distros. I have seen it reported over recent months in Arch, Gentoo, and Fedora at least. It is on ubuntu. Here is the last kern.log record of mine using 304.22:
    10057.732360] Xorg[1514]: segfault at b4f25000 ip b4948ec0 sp bfb341a0 error 7 in[b4865000+64d000]
    This is not a compiz or unity bug!
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