I bought the asus wl 167 g v3 because it is compatible with linux how it isn't able to connect to my wireless network and I can't install the driver from the CD.

It is able to detect my network but when I try to connect it asks for the password I type in the isp password it trys but fails to connect and it ask for the password again

I have tried the cd I click on the linux folder click on the rtl8192SU folder right click on rtl8192SU select install but nothing happens

I have tried the run command

I have looked for additional drivers

however I'm not familiar enough with linux. I'm sure the solution with be simple and for a linux user is very simple but for me it is really difficult.

Can you please give a simple step by step explanation of what to do and please explain everything. I'm okay at solving microsoft problems but linux goes over my head and I would like to be a linux user

Many thanks