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Thread: Preferred Applications go missing after updates in 11.10

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    Preferred Applications go missing after updates in 11.10


    Today I ran #apt-get upgrade for the first time on a fresh install of xubuntu 11.10, and after all was done, my preferred applications were missing.

    "Web Browser" - I don't really care, I just pick firefox
    "Mail Reader" - I never used it anyway
    "Accessories -> File Manager" - It is working, as I can still open folders, drives, etc. Just this launcher is broken

    "Terminal Emulator" - This is what I am most interested in getting back, as I don't know all the details about the environment variables, and I would like to stick with the default.

    Can anyone list the default binaries for these 4? Especially the terminal emulator, since I can't seem to choose between "xfce4-terminal", "x-terminal-emulator" and "xfce4-terminal.wrapper" in /usr/bin when I was prompted to go figure it out, by the dialogue box. Can anyone tell me which binary is used in the default install?

    And is there any way to prevent this from happening, or should I report a bug?

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