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Thread: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

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    Re: Boot-Repair-Disk : THE 'must-have' rescue CD !

    Boot-Repair can't act on the network (this is the job of the NetworkManager tool), it just can check if Internet is connected or not.
    I do not understand what you mean. I am not a IT professional. Again, if ICEWEASEL can find the internet, what can't your software find it?

    Do you have the same problem when using Boot-Repair from a Ubuntu12.04 (or Ubuntu-Secure-Remix 12.04) ?
    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit). My 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 are working fine and can afford to mess with them.

    Again the question: first time I used your software, it gave results better than expected. How do I make your software give the same GNU GRUB menu on boot that it did the first time I used it?

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