Hello all,

I apologize in advance if I get some technical terms wrong here. I hope I can adequately explain my dilemma. I have a busted NAS enclosure. I pulled out the two 2TB HDDS which seem in good condition. They formed a RAID 1 array though Im not sure how (Hardware? Software?). So the data on each drive should be identical. I want to recover the data so Ive used sata to usb adapters to hook one of the drives to my laptop. Gparted reads the disk as 2 partitions with LVM2 pv file systems. Fdisk l lists the drive as a GPT file system. I cant figure out how to mount this drive to see its contents. Im not familiar with LVM and Software RAID can be a real pain-in-the-face sometimes. Any help recovering this data would be appreciated. Let me know if there is more information needed.

Thank you.