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Thread: Windows-Ubuntu problem

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    Question Windows-Ubuntu problem

    Hi, i have a problem with my mediacenter.

    I've always been a windows user so ubuntu is pretty new for me.


    I have an ext4 partition which is unlike the rest of the files and folders on other partitions not accessible from a windows computer on the network.

    This is how i have my partitions
    (ext4 is the one with the problem)

    This is how it's beeing displayed from my home folder

    This is how i shared the folders

    And this is the windows error i get when i try to acces that particular location

    All i want is to make this location accessible from my windows computer but it just won't work, anyone have any idea?

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    Re: Windows-Ubuntu problem

    Sir ,It may be due to ext partition.Windows can't view ext partitions.use ext viewer on your Windows computer.Then check again.May be it work

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