First, I install Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha/Beta release back in December of last year. Tested it for bug and never once had to re-install it for any reason. It was one of the most solid releases I found yet.

I keep up with all the updates and upgrades from day one right up and to including the final release. Now it has been running flawlessly up to about 4 weeks ago. When one day it just would not respond to anything. The reason I called it a almost hard lock is because I could still move my mouse pointer and click on things but nothing would happen. I had no choice but to hit the power button and restart the computer.

Now this problem continues to happen. I am one who very seldom turns off his laptop. I will put it in suspend mode when moving from place to place or going out of town. This way when I open the lid I am right back to where I left off. This problem will happen every two to three days. Like I said this was not the case up until about 4 weeks ago.

I know I could just dump everything and re-install, but I have everything just like I want and don't want to go through the hassle of starting all over again.

My question is, is there a log file that I can look at that might tell me what is happening? If it is a app that is doing this I could remove it or re-install it.

Thanks ahead of time for the help.