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Thanks wilee-nilee. The auto install does the partitioning automatically. I have used the "somthing else" custom install several times in an effort to get Xubuntu to boot and also to size my own / and /home and make swap 4x RAM size. I don't care. I can (and have) use Gparted to reformat all the space not allocated to NTFS and let the installation do its thing. I am still worried I won't be able to access one or the other OS.

I will do this in the morning (EDT, US) and report on the results.

If you have a windows recovery or install disc you could reload the windows boot to be safe, boot the disc to the terminal and run,
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
Here is link on getting to that windows terminal.

If you do not have a recovery or install disc make one asap, in the backup recovery of the admin account in windows, the recovery that is.

We always say have a good backup as well, a clone is a really good thing to have of the windows install.