my goal is to automatically generate "preinstalled ubuntu arm server images" as one can find here. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/
This is basically intended to be a customized image. Customized b/c I need further (own) packages and other binaries that I would like to copy more or less directly into the rootfs. Furthermore some programs depend on armel which is not the default for ubuntu arm images any more.

Unfortunately documentation on this topics turns out to be less than ideal. Especially Ubuntu arm team seems to be quite reserved.

As it's always the case when I absolutely can't find good documentation
on a topic that is actually supposed to be well known: I am afraid that I simply missed it.

So it would make me very happy if someone would point me to (the) documentation about how Ubuntu guys create preinstalled arm images.

Beside that, I am still searching for good documentation about Linux and arm in general. Boot process. How do I create my own MLO/X-Loader, u-boot, uInitRd and so on.

PS. I own an gumstix with tobi board. Try to customize Ubuntu 12.04