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Hey! I'll try to be helpfull. About the graphics if You install bumblebee, which is very simple, Ubuntu will running with intel graphic card, unless you use the command 'optirun' to run an app exclusively. Sound from speakers, headphones , mic , webcam, and touch pad are working great. Except the external subwoofer that came with this laptop. I have no experience with the hdmi output. The major problem to me is fn keys, without that I don't have the backlight on keyboard.
Hey diogojg !

Thanks for your reply. I think I might just end up buying this laptop sometime this month. I believe sooner or later someone might find a fix for the function keys.

Also did you post this question on askubuntu.com http://askubuntu.com/questions/14496.../144985#144985 ? If yes, then I have answered it.