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I tried 10.04 on an Inspiron 1100 and had an awful time with the display driver. For some reason I thought trying 12.04 on an Inspiron 1210 mini would be different. But here we are again: black screen on boot and jumping through tons of unnecessary hoops to get something that just barely passes as a display. This. This is why Ubuntu is just going to stay low-man-on-the-totem.

During the installation I only had a small rectangular display in the corner of the screen that constantly flickered and ghosted everything. DURING THE INSTALL. This should never be. 12.04 *looked* enticing but now I see it's the same clunky crap wrapped up in a different colored bow.

** I've edited grub and changed the default line. I can boot up now w/out the black screen but I still have to enter the console via ctrl alt F1 and enter "sudo service lightdm restart" to get to a normal desktop. :\
Yea, you have to upgrade to a higher kernel. 3.3.4 or higher is working. Feodra 17 works out of the box.

Ubuntu 12.10 will work out of the box as well.

I suggest you file a bug report so that 12.04.1 works.