Hi guys,

My tomboy notes have been working great for some time now, and I use them for all my school notes. I have a netbook that I use in class, and a desktop at home. Now the syncing feature is the ONLY reason i use tomboy, and recently it seems to have broken. I have recently updated to 12.04 on both my PC and netbook but I do not believe this is the issue as they worked for a bit on the new distro. Looked online and couldn't find any solutions to my problem:

Synchronization failed....see description. As usual, there is no description, I ran the debug mode and this seems to be the issue:

Now how do I go about fixing this? So far, no one on the nets have come to any solutions so I figured I start this to see if we can finally figure it out. I'm not to familiar with Linux, but I have learned alot since I started using it. I just don't want to lose all my school work by messing around with things I do not know how to operate. Has anyone ran into this issue?

Once again, it had been working flawlessly for some time, and now it decided to to caput on me

Thanks for reading