Hi everyone.

I made a fresh install of ubuntu 12.04, and the fan is working all the time.

Also, the temp is a little bit higher compared with ubuntu 11.10.

Installed lm-sensors, and it indicates 55-60ºC. In ubuntu 11.10 it was 48-53ºC, jumping to 60-65ºC when using some heavy apps.

I'm not sure if the problem it's a high temp, or if the fan controller is not working quite well.

It is weird to have that temp variation, since 12.04 looks kinda similar to 11.10

Thanks in advance

PS: lm-sensors says: (high = +80ºC, crit = +85ºC), but this same laptop was cooler with ubuntu 11.10, that's the strange thing.

PS2: Laptop: Lenovo G570, Intel I3-2310M @ 2.10 Ghz