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Thread: Bitdefender : Engines Not Loaded

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    Bitdefender : Engines Not Loaded

    I have upgraded my Ubuntu to the lastest version 12.04 LTS 64bit.

    So i followed the steps show in

    The istallation was completed regularly. Then I upgrade the license and update the signature. All was OK !

    Now when I open the GUI in Core Status / Version I can read : engines not loaded and when I try to select a directory to open files to scan (see the attach), few seconds after the popup Loading the antivirus engines, please wait Bitdefender GUI close itself with no effect.

    Could you please support me ?

    Thanks for your support
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    Re: Bitdefender : Engines Not Loaded

    The post nr. 8 of :

    solved my problem WOW!!

    Remember --> to be run as root --> sudo passwd root --> and you became root (sudo don't go)


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