Quantal is now open for development.

Matthias Klose announce: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ub...il/035152.html

"Quantal is now open for development, with syncs from unstable starting shortly.
The development version starts with updated versions of GCC and OpenJDK, some
soname changes (boost, hdf5), and some changes with setting the build flags for
package builds. We are finally targeting Python3 as the
only Python version on the ISO/installation images.

- GCC 4.7 is now the default, introducing some build failures caused
by unknown compiler options, and more C++ strictness. Hints how to fix
packages can be found at [1]. Bug reports for packages are not yet
filed directly in Launchpad, but can be found on the Debian BTS instead [2].

- OpenJDK 7 is now used as the default, replacing OpenJDK 6, introducing
some build failures. The build status can be tracked at [3], open issues
are tracked at [4].

- Removing build flags exported from dpkg-buildpackage for quantal will
get us in sync with Debian. Implications and fixes are discussed
on the ubuntu-devel ML [5].

- Python 3 is now again part of a minimal chroot on quantal, and will
be the only Python version provided on the ISO/installation images
for quantal. Packages which need updates and ports for Python 3
are tracked at [6]

Please check your uploads in a quantal chroot, don't just test in a precise
environment. See [7] how to setup such a development chroot."