I have upgraded my mythbuntu 11.10 to 12.04. My original setup was 0.24 with IPTV configured, and update to 0.25. That didn't work out. So clever as I am, I google and find that there is a problem concerning IPTV, and there is none expactation to get it solved in 0.25, and a rewrite of the code has begun in 0.26. So just jumping into it and mark 0.26 as the one I want to use in the mythtv control panel. So here I am by now. I can see one livetv channel, the one I left last time i left mythtv. If changing channel the frontend chrashes and the next recorder in line is picked up. When all recorders has been used I get all recorders are busy, and nothing more happens, other than a littlg glimpse from the frontend. Any help to get along with this.