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Thread: How do I get started

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    How do I get started

    Good day folks,

    I am new to Ubuntu. I am 65 years old with limited technical knowledge so I need to go slowly.

    When I start my Netbook computer it asks whether I want to open Windows or Ubuntu. Opening in Windows is no problem and life carries on as usual.

    Opening with Ubuntu produces a Black screen with a flashing cursor.

    Where to from here? Is there an instruction manual available, or tutorial videos.

    Please excuse my ignorance, and thanks for the help.

    I look forward to playing nicely!


    Chris Wilkinson.

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    Re: How do I get started


    Welcome! There are many of us here that are over 50...

    Regarding your nice friendly flashing cursor: That basically means that Ubuntu wasn't installed properly.

    You should download a Live CD and run that, to see whether Ubuntu works properly on your machine or not. If it does, then install it. If it doesn't, head over to another Linux distribution such as Fedora or Suse and try their Live CDs.

    Each distribution house tests their systems with a large number of machines, but nobody can test with every PC ever invented, so your mileage varies.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: How do I get started

    also using boot options (scuh as nomodeset) might get you a bit further. here is a howto:
    Easy to understand Ubuntu manual with lots of pics:
    Do i need antivirus/firewall in linux?
    User friendly disk backup: Redobackup

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    Re: How do I get started

    Quote Originally Posted by WilkoChris View Post
    Opening with Ubuntu produces a Black screen with a flashing cursor.
    How long does it remain like that? Wait for around five minutes, if it doesn't boot by then (show a login screen etc.), try reinstalling.

    This problem occurs with some hardware: I remember running a version of Ubuntu (very old, I think 8.10 or so), with which a similar problem occurred.

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    Re: How do I get started

    Just some information first ...

    You say you have a Netbook, so did it come with Windows 7 preinstalled?

    HOW did you install Ubuntu -- did you install it from inside Windows?

    IF the answers to both of these are Yes, then I would advise AGAINST doing another installation -- for now. A Windows-based reinstall is only going to overwrite what it already wrote. A separate installation (if done blindly following the Ubuntu installer) risks corrupting Win7 and rendering your PC unbootable.

    A safer approach is to mess with the Ubuntu boot parameters as one of the links suggested.

    Also, I would second the suggestions to boot from a LiveCD of Ubuntu to see if that works without problems. It is generally a BAD idea to force an installation of Ubuntu on any untried PC without trying it first.
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