Thanks everyone for all the help during this last cycle. It has been a real wild ride I have learned a lot. Some of it encouraging and other , not so encouraging. There are still a lot of difficulties with Ubiquity and Plymouth and Nautilus that could be bettered for the use with older PCs and made more streamlined for the average users. The Precise cycle has presented some real challenges with regression in may parts of the general proceedures of install, startup and shut-down. Some PCs have been basically 'booted' and blacklisted while others work together like peaches and cream. Some older bugs have migrated up the chain into Precise, unfortunately. Ubuntu evasion? I dunno.. but one wonders if anything is going to be done about these. The "install" proceedure should be flawless. Even if all else is defected , the Install should be a DE experience to remember!!, not a failure. Is this a truism or is there really something wrong with Plymouth and Ubiquity? Perhaps we will find out during Quantal Quetzal cycle.

Thanks all. It's been a slice. See you in Quantal.

Best Regards,