Hello! I recently got myself into a right old mess:


which is sorted now. But the reason I did it was that I remembered reading on this sticky


the following:

Limit root access (Do not log in or run programs as root). Ubuntu accomplishes this by locking the root account and the use of sudo.
Consider creating an account without sudo access for "daily use"
That was all I was trying to do - make another account. Did I interpret that wrongly? Is there some sort of difference between a user account and a "root" account? If so, what, and how do I make a root one without locking myself out of admin access again?

What I did was I went to settings and then clicked on user accounts and then made a new one. Was that not the kind of account being referred to in the security advice?

Thank you


I am a newbie so please try and dumb things down for me if you can. Thank you.