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The release notes for 295.33 state that it is contains a bug fix for vdpau decode in low end products...

To clarify ..this played okay (except for stutter) ?
mplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffh264vdpau sample.mkv

Any warnings/errors reported?

Can you try the exact same recording/file in mythtv (from videos folder)..

mplayer cmd line:
The -vo cmd option sets the renderer. (vdpau, openGL Xvideo etc)
The -vc cmd option sets the decoder. (multiple h/w or s/w)

AFAIK You can not use (not yet) VDPAU decoder without VDPAU renderer.

I think I need to first get off 295. I was at 260 (I think) and I was told that wasn't good. All I did was add (x-swat I think) ppa and updated nvidia-current. What ppa do you recommend so that nvidia-current is a good version (270 or 280?)?