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Thread: Unity poster (feedback please)

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    Unity poster (feedback please)

    Hello testers

    29th April: Corrected versions (thanks to Paddy Landau)

    The version on Spreadubuntu (has a small but annoying error - we are trying to have the file swapped)

    Original versions

    Version 2

    Version 3

    Imagine you have just come back to work one Monday morning. You remember vaguely the IT manager said something about an upgrade over the weekend. You log in and you see the 12.04 desktop instead of the 10.04 one.

    Would this poster (an early draft) get you going?

    Anything missing?

    Do you think I should make accessing the Ubuntu Desktop Guide more prominent? (Search me why it isn't in the Launcher to start with, its excellent).

    All feedback about the poster welcome.

    (There is no point complaining about Unity, what we got now is what the LTS -> LTS folk are going to get as default).
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