I wasn't sure whether to post this in Networking and Wireless or Ubuntu +1, but since it is Precise, I figured I should post it here.

I just did a fresh install of the Precise Beta and, for the first time ever, my wireless connection is working with the standard kernel driver rt2800pci. In all past versions and installations of Ubuntu, including my old installation of Precise, I have had to install the chipset maker's driver rt3562sta in order to get a working connection.

However, the rt2800pci connection is very slow. With the rt3562sta driver, it connects at 134 mbps, but my current rt2800pci connection says it is 13 mbps.

I wanted to do a clean installation of Precise and keep it as clean as possible. So I hesitate to reinstall the 3rd party driver. However, I would like for it to be able to make a full-speed connection. I wonder if I need updated firmware, or if some settings could be tweaked with the standard driver to get it up to speed?