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Thread: Install Ubuntu on Eee PC 1015PX (*over* Win7 Starter)

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    Re: Install Ubuntu on Eee PC 1015PX (*over* Win7 Starter)

    Quote Originally Posted by gordintoronto View Post
    +1! New computer, old OS, many problems.

    The computer isn't "new", and the OS isn't "old":

    The 1015PX was six months old when I bought it retail. Asus no doubt had it longer than that, since they offered U11 factory pre-loaded on the 1015PX until last month at least. And eight month old U10 has another year before EOL (end of life).

    I'm tempted to think we've entered the age of 30 day digital obsolescence (which probably isn't far off), but the reality seems to be more a matter of hardware mfrs and code writers just plain getting too sloppy-rushed out of the new-model / new-release gates. That causes many problems - although it sure does keep a lot of idiots in work.

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