I recently wiped the drive on my 600mhz ibook G3 and installed ubuntu 10.04 on it. I had some troubles installing but after a few tries I got it. But after the initial boot, when gnome starts to load, the screen retreats to the upper left corner with a resolution of 800x600, leaving a wide black bar on the right and a repeat of the screen on the bottom. I have looked far and wide looking for a solution. I attempted to change my xorg.conf settings, but I cannot find it. The closest thing I have is an xorg.conf.d folder in /lib/X11/ that only contains a few unscreen related files. When I run xrandr it gives me the incorrec resolution for the screen. When I run hwinfo --monitor, I get the correct info. I don't know much as this is my first Linux computer but I learn quick. I believe it is a hardware related problem as when I run the hardware update it says ihave no preferential hardware and gives me a list of no hardware. Any assistance is appreciated thanks.