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Thread: Dabbling in HD Encryption

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    Dabbling in HD Encryption

    when I installed Ubuntu 10.04 I had enough on my mind so when It offered me Hard Disk Encryption, I opted out. Now that I have all the kinks worked out, and all the settings the way I want them, I would like to dabble with encrypting everything (ok, I admit I am basically paranoid)

    A. how do I go about doing the encryption now that everything is working right.

    B. If I don't like it, how can I remove the encryption.

    I have a 240 Gig hard drive with 190 Gig free, all devoted to Ubuntu

    C. How much performance deficit should I expect due to the encryption

    While poking around in the BIOS setup I discovered that there is an Internal Hard Disk Drive password that can be set that supposedly resides in the hard drive and prevents the drive from running even if it is taken to another machine. How does this compare to the HDD encryption provided by Ubuntu?
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