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Thread: Simple Roboform (password manager) Replacement

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    Simple Roboform (password manager) Replacement

    Roboform is a great password manager because it allows you to go to a site, fill in your login and password, and automatically click the login button, all in one click. But it's not available for Linux.

    Solution: Use Firefox's simple password manager together with two GreaseMonkey scripts to replicate the above functionality.

    1. Install GreaseMonkey firefox extension:

    2. Install Allow Password Remember script, available from here. This script makes sure that sites which direct the browser not to remember passwords are ignored.

    3. Install AutoLoginJ script, available from here. This script automatically clicks the login button.

    The two GreaseMonkey scripts above, along with many useful scripts, can be found at

    Now when you click on a bookmark, it will go to the site, fill in the login and password, and hit OK all in one operation.
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